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Newman House

The Newman House is a unique living situation that is located next to the Newman Center, which allows students to live in a community with their peers who have similar values. The Newman House has been a large part of the community since 2006 where SUNY Oswego students have come to experience God through an intentional community living experience, prayer, and service to others. The Christian vision of a church is that a collection of individuals became a community through their experience of God’s love, and this is what the Newman House is striving to provide. 

The experience is reserved for students of at least junior status and our application process begins in the spring semester for the full following academic year.  For more information please contact the Hall Newman Center.

Past Newman House Residents

Newman House 2022-2023_edited.jpg


Brian Pompa
Heaven Santiago
Gurkirat Singh
Rocio Trasancos-Gonzalez

Last Thursday Suppers

Student residents of the Newman House host a guest as well as their peers three times a semester on the last Thursday of each month. This is a great opportunity to connect with community members, as well as the faculty and staff of SUNY Oswego.

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